About our Services

At Beamer-Wilcox Trucking we've built a loyal client base through hauling services you can rely on since 2005. Using advanced tracking and logistics technology, we can ensure your goods arrive quickly and without hassle.

We are fully insured and experienced in hauling all types of cargo. Our fleet can handle cross-town moves or cross-country large loads. No matter what you need to transport -- we're the ones to call.

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  • 17 Straight Trucks (23-foot Flatbed with All-Terrain Forklifts)
  • 7 Tractor Trailers (45-foot Flatbed with All-Terrain Forklifts)
  • 1 Boom Truck with 16 Foot Reach
  • Two Day Turnaround (On Average After Customer Request)
  • Able to Service Trucks For Customers (Our Own Trucks Are Serviced Every Saturday)